Styling Your Website For Readability: Choosing The Best Fonts

Fonts are an art. Just like calligraphy hundreds of years ago, people admire type that matches the website style and is pleasing to the eye. The following are a list of questions about fonts with answers from Best Inbound Marketing Firm. seattle web design


Why are fonts important to a website?

Text is one of the most important aspects of a site. Every aspect of a site should be examined by an inbound marketing agency. In fact, a website, or even a page, with no text is most likely useless. So, considering that text is ultimately a requirement for any page, it is worth giving thought to what it looks like. Sure, there are plenty of fonts that won’t blind a user, but good fonts are extremely attractive and can do a lot for user engagement.

What is the most important principle to keep in mind when choosing my website fonts?

Readability. More than anything, the text needs to be easy to read.

How can I ensure that the fonts I use are easily readable?

Keep these three things in mind:

  • Neatness – Fonts that are clean and neat are attractive to people and easy on the eyes.
  • Cohesion – The fonts you choose should be cohesive with the overall theme of your website theme. Clash makes text hard to read.
  • Contrast – Shoot for contrast between colors and the text to make your type stand out for maximum readability. You don’t want the colors to clash, though!

Follow these pointers and your fonts will almost definitely be extremely legible and attractive.

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Why can’t I use my favorite computer fonts?

Websites are limited to specific fonts because web browsers are only built to read a few fonts. Some users will simply not have the same fonts as you, so using the fonts on your computer is not an option that works.

How can I use better fonts on my website?

Try web fonts. Web fonts are fonts hosted online that your website can link to and use. Because your website is linking to a font hosted online, there aren’t compatibility issues with different computers or browsers.

Web fonts are available from a number of places, including:

  • Google fonts
  • Adobe Edge Web Fonts

Implementing web fonts requires HTML coding. For more information, visit

What about my logos or other graphics? I can use my computer fonts for those. Are there any fonts that are extra good?

Yes. There are a number of free fonts that are top notch. I compiled a list of them here.

Any other thoughts on fonts?

A couple last pointer… First off, give a moment of thought to the size your text is. Super small text is often a problem with sites, so avoid it! And secondly, never ever use Comic Sans. I’m pretty some people have looked at it and died. And the Papyrus is my least favorite. If you still have it on your computer, just delete it before you’re ever tempted to use it.

And that’s it!

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